Mark Carey Photo


Nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia rests a small city called Lynchburg. Quaint, chock-full of churches and Southern charm, you’d never know that some serious rock ‘n’ roll is festering within the “City of the Seven Hills.” Singer/songwriter Mark Carey has been one of the most familiar names in the Lynchburg music scene. Mark’s sound is deeply rooted in Brit pop and Stoner Rock, he was the vocalist/guitarist of Spüknof, whose albums “Ästronof” and “Hey, Elvis!” birthed three music videos and received a WMIFF (World Music and Independent Film Festival) award for “Best Pop Music Video” in 2010. Other past endeavors include his solo project Bad Art Show and most recently, the duo Nightly Widows. “Sky Is Falling” is Mark Carey’s first single to be released on Sevendream Music and it’s his own personal take on what he calls “psychedelic doom pop.” Keep your ear to the ground for a whimsical, rock ‘n’ roll stroll through the park, “Sky Is Falling” releases May 25th, 2018.



Sky Is Falling Single Art



PHOTO CREDITS: Chris Townsend


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