Brooklyn born Matt Southerland is a new face as an alternative singer/songwriter but has been a long standing music talent. Matt’s father taught him how to sing at the age of 5 and Matt would naturally throw his head back and scream with an intense rock vocal style. Growing up in a strict Christian household, his father forbade he and his siblings to listen to secular music but his older brothers managed to smuggle in rock n’ roll albums for their fix. At the age of 8 he and his family moved to Lynchburg, VA and it was a displacing and difficult time period for Matt. His father was schizophrenic and physically abusive and as the years went by Matt began to lean on music as a form of comfort and escapism. As a teenager, Matt would sing along to metal songs while he was at home alone, giving him the confidence one day to start a three piece metal band with friends. Finding his calling in being a frontman, Matt never looked back. He became a popular face in the central VA metal scene by being the vocalist of several underground bands, going on tour, promoting shows and coordinating festivals. Matt’s departure from Lynchburg, VA to the D.C. metro area had a profound impact on his artistic direction, as he left his focus on the metal scene behind him. He grew up as a “metal kid” but also appreciated other genres as well and began to explore deeper into the sidelined sounds. Matt Eventually moved back to New York and while listening to radio one day was taken away by the classic soul legends and adopted a soulful approach to his singing.  Matt molded both rock and soul styles and started the Classic Hard Rock inspired band Bad Citizen in 2014. Remaining the vocalist for Bad Citizen, Matt enjoys creating his own personalized project where he composes songs in they’re entirety. The solo songwriting freedom gave Matt a newfound musical identity, music with an apparent rock influence infused with various eclectic genre vibes as well. “Another Day” is the title of Matt’s debut single released on January 15th, 2018, and is the first result of his seasoned and passionate labor of love. Matt’s single is accompanied by an emotional music video which highlights spiritual equality within spiritual paths and female empowerment by featuring God as a woman ( Model Taj Cutting ). 2018 will be a paramount year in Matt Southerland’s musical career as he works toward releasing a full length album and supporting it by his favorite means of doing so, live.  



Steven ES (Heading photo, color), Naeem Douglas (Black and white)

6 thoughts on “ARTIST PREMIERE

    1. THANK YOU DEBBIE! So wonderful hearing from you, YES! It all started in your basement!!!! Thank you for letting us use it, I got a priceless and life lasting experience out of it! Much love to you and James!


  1. Such an amazing young man ! Had the pleasure of meeting him as I went to school with his mom. Great personality and talent ! Best of luck Matt in all you pursue.

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